AudientEVO 16 USB-C Audio Interface


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Audient EVO 16

Packed with features and intuition, Audient's EVO 16 is simultaneously one of their most tricked out audio interfaces to date, yet using it could not be easier. There's a whopping eight microphone preamps available, using a crisp and clear EVO design to deliver premium audio to your sessions. Channel levels are clearly labeled and beautifully displayed on the front panel. Other features like Smartgain reduce the struggle of setting up channels and dialing in gain—simply prop up your mics with a vocalist, drummer, or any other instrumentalist, and EVO 16 can smartly set proper levels in about 20 seconds.

There's also two front panel instrument inputs, with JFET gain stages that emulate a beloved tube amp to add a touch of harmonic spice to your guitar, bass, or even synthesizers. Around back, you'll find eight TRS line outputs for outboard processing, monitoring, or any other use imaginable. There's also dual optical input and output ports, adding up to 16 additional channels to EVO 16. To enhance your workflow, EVO 16 also provides a number of handy methods for further computer integration, such as detailed software control editing, audio loopback features, and even the option to use your built-in computer microphone for talkback. With products like EVO 16 leading the way, Audient is taking home recording into the future.

EVO 16 Features

  • USB-C audio interface
  • Eight EVO mic preamps with noise-free design
  • Two JFET instrument inputs provide a touch of harmonic spice
  • Smartgain system applies automatic gain and level settings for up to all eight inputs at once
  • Motion UI screen and menu system with clear labeling and easy access to vital parameters
  • Audio loopback
  • Software mixing application
  • Analog Inputs: 8x XLR/TRS Combo
  • Analog Outputs: 8x TRS
  • Headphone Outputs: 2x 1/4" TRS
  • Digital Inputs: 2x Optical
  • Digital Outputs: 2x Optical, 1x BNC Word Clock
  • Sample rate: Up to 96kHz
  • Bit depth: Up to 24-bit
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Audient EVO 16 USB-C Audio Interface Reviews