ArturiaMicrofreak Vocoder Microphone


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Arturia Microfreak Vocoder Microphone

With the firmware update that allows your Microfreak to act as a vocoder, this gooseneck microphone allows existing Microfreak users to bring vocals into this unique synthesis environment. Connecting to the headphone port via TRRS, this microphone is a perfect accompaniment for processing external sources such as your voice or even acoustic instruments. This microphone is the perfect accompaniment for the Microfreak, helping to unlock a whole new feature set and providing a new way to integrate it with external sources.

Microfreak Vocoder Microphone Features

  • Gooseneck microphones for Arturia Microfreak
  • Connects to headphone jack via 3.5mm TRRS
  • Sturdy construction makes sure it stays in place
  • Gooseneck microphone for Arturia Microfreak
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