ARTTubeMix Mixer / Audio Interface with Assignable Tube


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ART TubeMix

If you've ever wanted to incorporate tube warmth into your recording workflow, ART's Tube Mix is a five channel audio mixer that comes loaded with a 12AX7 tube, along with a few other tricks up its sleeve. The tube can be assigned to either the two microphone input channels or the high-impedance instrument input. For the latter, there's also an onboard amp simulator which can be engaged for authentic guitar tones. Beyond the tube functionality, every channel offers a three-band EQ, dual auxiliary sends, and controls for panning and level. Independent outputs for the main mix, control room, and headphones offer flexibility in routing, and around back is a USB port for connection with a computer, turning the Tube Mix into a class-compliant audio interface. Bump up your mixer game with the Tube Mix form ART.

TubeMix Features

  • Five channel mixer with USB audio interface functionality
  • USB class-compliant
  • Two microphone inputs with phantom power on channels 1 and 2
  • Line input on channels 3 and 4
  • Instrument input on channel 5 with optional amp simulator
  • Tube assignment to mic or instrument channels
  • Three-band fixed frequency EQs on every channel
  • Analog VU meters for monitoring USB recording level
  • Inputs: 2x XLR, 2x 1/4" line, 2x 1/4" stereo pair, 1x 1/4" Hi-Z
  • Outputs: 2x 1/4" main, 2x 1/4" control room
  • Aux: 2x aux send, 1x 1/4" stereo send, 1x 1/4" stereo return
  • Headphone outputs: 1x 1/4"
  • Computer connection: USB type B
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 7.8 x 10.4"
  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Power: 18VAC 1A PSU (included)
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