Animal FactoryGodeater Bass Distortion (Eurorack)


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Animal Factory Godeater

The legendary Godeater pedal from Animal Factory has been brought over to Eurorack, perfect for gnarly bass distortion. With emphasis towards the low end of the frequency spectrum and intense saturation, Godeater rattles speakers and delivers unbridled distortion. Two selectable clipping paths add different characteristics to your sound with both symmetrical silicon diode and asymmetrical LED modes available. With controls like bass cut, high pass filter, gain, and mix controls, you can dial in the exact distortion you want. Additionally, almost every parameter is now under voltage control, allowing for deep sculpting of this out of this world distortion.

Godeater Features

  • Distortion module
  • Intense saturation and bass response
  • Two clipping modes
  • Dry, wet, and mix outputs
  • High pass filter and bass contour
  • Input level and gain controls
  • Tone direction switch
  • Cross fader mode
  • CV over almost every parameter
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 46mm
  • Current draw: 35mA @ +12V, 25mA @ -12V
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