A Magic PulsewaveWave Expander CV Output Expander + Psychedelic Visualizer


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A Magic Pulsewave Wave Expander

Designed to work with the Melody Oracle or Touch Tones, AMP's Wave Expander gives you CV outputs for connecting external hardware to be sequenced by Melody Oracle as well as provide triangular psychedelic visuals. Connect via an ethernet cable to an existing Melody Oracle or daisy chain multiple Wave Expanders with the throughput ethernet port. Each Wave Expander has eight tunable CV controls for the CV output that has a voltage range of 0V–11.5V along with six Gate outputs with the same range. Audio outputs for tempo sync, sub-oscillator, and the three oscillator outputs are also available to patch into effects, an external filter, or whatever you've got in your rack. Conjure your inner dreams into reality with the Wave Expander for AMP's Melody Oracle and Touch Tones.

Wave Expander Features

  • Expander for Melody Oracle and Touch Tones
  • Connects via ethernet cable
  • 8 Tunable voltage controls
  • 6 Gate outputs for the 6 zones on the Melody Oracle
  • CV output
  • Tempo sync
  • 4 Oscillator outputs: sub, LH, RH, BS
  • Daisy chainable
  • Chrominancer color window generates trippy visuals
  • Power: Passive/Draws Power from Others
A Magic Pulsewave Wave Expander CV Output Expander + Psychedelic Visualizer Reviews