A Magic PulsewaveStar Song Rotating Disc Sequencer


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A Magic Pulsewave Star Song

AMP's Star Song is a sequencer like no other, using a rotating disc that is programmed by using tape or markers to black out sections on its seven rings: six for gates/notes, and one for an internal filter's cutoff frequency.

Using the built-in minimalistic pulsewave synthesizer, you can create interesting rhythms and melodies, and control the built-in bandpass filter cutoff frequency. You can use the three outer rings to program notes that correspond to eight different intervals, tuned on the side of the device using multi-turn trim pots. The next three inner rings program octave divisions, and the innermost ring adjusts the cutoff frequency of the internal synth voice's bandpass filter.

Or, alternatively, you can use the AMP Wave Expander to use Star Song to control external modular systems, using the rings to program gates and a tuned analog control voltage (whose tuning may be controlled separately from Star Song's own internal tuning). When using the expander, you get six Gate outputs, one CV output, and four octaves of raw, un-gated pulse waves for use as a sound source in your modular or semi-modular equipment.

Two touch plates control the direction and start/stop of the disc, and a central control adjusts the speed. These parameters can be controlled externally via dedicated 3.5mm input jacks: speed can be controlled via an external oscillator, while direction can be altered with an external gate signal. Extra discs are sold separately so you can keep your masterpiece stored indefinitely.

The Star Song from AMP is a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to generate sequences that is sure to turn heads.

Star Song Features

  • Disc-powered sequencer
  • Truly analog programming, by blacking out segments of physical rings
  • 6 Outer rings correspond to gates/notes, 1 Inner ring for the internal bandpass filter cutoff frequency
  • Built-in Quasi-monophonic pulsewave can be set to 8 tune-able notes in three octaves
  • Controls for start/stop, speed, and direction
  • External control inputs allow for oscillator control of speed and gate control of direction
  • Works with Wave Expander
  • Extra discs sold separately
  • Power: 15VDC, 2.1mm, tip positive (included)
Product Demo Videos
This is the A.M.P. Electronics STAR SONG.

STAR SONG is a music sequencer and synthesizer controlled by a rotating optical disc.

STAR SONG can be used either to drive its own minimalist pulsewave synthesizer, or in combination with the A.M.P. Elecreonics Wave Expander, shown connected here, to drive external analog and modular synthesizers.

To create sequences on STAR SONG, the translucent rings of the optical disc are marked with a marker or opaque tape. Additional discs are sold separately, allowing for indefinite storage of your favorite sequences. The disc has six rings related to sequencing notes and rhythms on the internal pulsewave synthesizer, and one for controlling the cutoff frequency of the built in bandpass filter.

Two touch contacts are found on the corers of the front panel. The left contact toggles disc rotation on and off, while the right toggles rotation direction. The central dial controls the speed of rotation.

Additionally, there are inputs for controlling rotation speed and direction, allowing external control and integration into modular synthesizer systems.

With the addition of WAVE EXPANDER, STAR SONG becomes an analog sequencer, outputting a gate signal for the marks on each ring, as well as analog control voltage, tune-able separately from STAR SONG's own built in synthesizer. It also makes four octaves of pulsewave outputs from the STAR SONG synthesizer available for patching into a modular system.

Sing the cycles of the Spheres, with STAR SONG.
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