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ALM Busy CircuitsCIZZLE Phase Distortion VCO


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ALM Busy Circuits CIZZLE

CIZZLE from ALM Busy Circuits is a dual phase distortion VCO, bringing the cult-classic sounds of Casio CZ series synthesizers to your Eurorack system. The CZ-series utilizes phase distortion, morphing the phase of sine waves to create harmonically richer waveforms. Synths like the CZ-101 offered an affordable, alternative method of digital synthesis to the more dominant digital FM synths like the Yamaha DX7. With a wide timbral palette of character-rich sounds from its signature phase distortion, stacked tones for creating faux-resonance without a filter, and end of chain ring modulation and noise, the CIZZLE delivers all the joy of the CZ series, now optimized for voltage controllable fun.

The CIZZLE features two voices, OSC A and B, which may be used separately or combined for the classic CZ sound. OSC A features manual and CV control over phase distortion algorithm, affecting the manner in which sine tones are distorted to produce richer timbres. There are manual and CV controls over shape for both oscillators, letting you smoothly increase harmonic content for each. Both voices have integrated VCAs, making for two full voices with the addition of a few external envelopes. Pitch may be individually controlled for each oscillator, or engage OSC B's tracking mode to adjust the relationship to OSC A using OSC B's Pitch control or CV input.

Optional modes for OSC B deliver the final touches of CZ flavor to CIZZLE. Noise mode is perfect for creating percussive digital snares and cymbals, while Ring mod mode adds additional frequencies ideal for bell tones and ethereal pads. Lastly, the Rez mode simulates the squelch of a filter in high resonance settings by using oscillator B to recreate the characteristic high frequency tone. This idiosyncratic architecture is part of the CIZZLE's iconic CZ sound, and sure to distinguish it from other voices in your rack.

Once your tone is dialed in, explore the manual and CV controls over chord generation, perfect for stabby techno chords and lush pads. At your end of chain, CIZZLE gives you options for independent mono outputs for each voice, or a mix of both with stereo widening. Offering a comprehensive source for CZ style synthesis in a relatively compact Eurorack module, the CIZZLE is a powerhouse digital VCO ready to bring expansive timbral possibilities to any Eurorack system.

CIZZLE Features

  • Dual digital phase distortion VCO
  • OSC A features voltage control over pitch, algorithm, and wave shape
  • OSC B features voltage control over pitch and wave shape with optional tracking of OSC A and multiple timbral modes
  • Noise mode adds digital noise, perfect for percussive sounds
  • Ring mode adds ring modulation between OSC A and B for bells and rich pads
  • Rez mode simulates filter resonance with OSC B for digital squelch
  • Integrated VCAs for each oscillator
  • Chord generator with up to 8 voices and voltage controlled chord inversion
  • Dual output with independent outs for each oscillator or a mix option with stereo widening
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 65 mA @ +12V, 25 mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Introducing CIZZLE
The 'CIZZLE' is a dual digital 'phase distortion' VCO inspired by the classic Casio 'CZ' series synthesizers. It brings the specifics of 'CZ' style phase distortion (PD) synthesis into Eurorack with the inclusion of primary and secondary oscillator layering and detuning (with up to 8 voice chord generation), extended morphable PD wave generation algorithms, unique resonance wave generation, plus specific 'end of chain' ring modulation and noise modes that are key to the CZ sound.

The voices also feature built in VCAs and various modulation controls and inputs, a cv-able chord mode, tracking ability, triggered mode switching and can be output independently or mixed with stereo widening.

The 'CIZZLE' finally brings characteristic CZ style synthesis to Eurorack with a rich palette of sounds from mellow ambient tones, 90s Detroit Techno inspired chords, Reese style basses, and synth tones with unique faux resonance squelch.
ALM Busy Circuits CIZZLE Phase Distortion VCO Reviews