ALM Busy CircuitsSID GUTS Deluxe C64 Voice


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ALM Busy Circuits SID GUTS Deluxe

The ALM Busy Circuits SID GUTS Deluxe improves on its predecessor—which re-appropriated the SID chip into the modular realm—by offering extensive manual and voltage control options. Compared to the original, the module now features improved frequency control, a chord mode that uses all of the available oscillators to form a 1-3 voice chord, and a bunch of other sonic possibilities.

SID GUTS Deluxe Features

  • 1 Volt per octave control of a ‘core’ SID oscillator 0-5v input (with tunable offset,) now with improved V/Oct tracking, adjustment and stability.
  • Voltage controlled chord mode with inversion and up to 3 voice chords.
  • Direct and voltage control of oscillator wave shape selection (Pulse, Triangle, Square, Saw)
  • Filter switchable between 4 modes - 12dB/Octave HP , LP , BP & Notch (HP+LP)
  • Voltage control of filter type selection.
  • Wider frequency control range (full 8 octaves) with fine and course offset knobs.
  • Attenuverters on both PWM and Filter voltage inputs.
  • Direct and Voltage control (with offset) of Filter cutoff and Resonance
  • 1 Volt per octave control of second SID ‘modulation’ oscillator
  • Direct and voltage control of modulation oscillator ‘type’; ring modulation, sync or none
  • Direct and voltage control of pulse wave pulse width
  • External audio input
  • Support for ALL SID chips (6851/8580) & SwinSID chips
  • All settings non volatile
  • Audio output and input at modular levels
  • All surface mount single PCB construction thus smaller depth & more skiff friendly.
  • Designed and built in England


  • Eurorack Module
  • 12 HP Width
  • 30-40mm Depth (with heat sinks installed)
  • Supply: +/-12V (Reverse voltage protection)
  • Current Draw: ~50 -200ma (dependent on SID chip used)
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