ADDAC SystemADDAC102 VC FM Radio (Black)


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Explore new worlds of noise, texture, and audio content ripe for sampling in your Eurorack system with the ADDAC 102 VC FM Radio. As the name suggests, this module is a fully voltage-controllable FM radio. While the front panel does feature buttons for standard seek and tune functions as you'd find on any standard radio, all these parameters are busted open for synthesizer control, allowing for unique behaviors like sequenced radio tunings or station seek triggered by gate signals. Both of the CV inputs for tuning and volume each offer attenuators and switches to accept unipolar or bipolar modulation. As with most radios, there also exists plenty of territory between stations, full of all kinds of noise, static, and interference that would make for a great textural element in any patch. There are also mute and volume controls, and stereo audio output, with an LED indicator if the station you've tuned into is transmitting in mono or stereo.

ADDAC102 Features

  • CV-capable FM radio
  • Internal VCA with attenuator
  • Seek and Search functions increment through frequencies
  • Mute via manual button or gate input
  • Stereo audio output
  • CV inputs accept unipolar or bipolar voltages
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @ +12V, 100mA @ -12V
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