Abyss DevicesSaevitus Tube Distortion


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Abyss Devices Saevitus

Bring the warm sound of tube saturation and wild distortion to your rack with the Saevitus from Abyss Devices. A smaller, slimmer version of their Saevitum module with a slightly simpler cricut, this little friend still packs a huge punch. The centerpiece is the 12AX7 JJ tube with an output-reactive RGB LED, whose color can be adjusted via a front panel trimmer and the rear panel trimmer adjusts the amount of color. The color and amount also affect the texture and type of distortion in unpredictable ways. More Gain means more distortion and with a dedicated Freq knob that acts similarly to a guitar/bass tone knob, you can dial in just the right amount of destruction. Like its older brother, the Feedback knob engages an unstable circuit design that is a phased reversed circuit to get outrageous wails. Clipping diodes have been added to the input and with a dedicated Boost switch, you can plug a bass/guitar directly into the module. Trimmers on the back let you adjust the Level knob to taste allowing you to push the OpAmp. For just a little bit of saturation, you can also use this as a nice, warm VCA using the CV input. If you're low on space, but still want that thick tube sound, the Saevitus from Abyss Devices will deliver handily.

Saevitus Features

  • Tube VCA distortion
  • Based on Saevitum module
  • 12AX7 JJ tube included
  • Freq knob for cutoff
  • Boost switch brings instrument and line levels
  • Feedback knob dials in a phase reversed circuit
  • Customizable RGB LED that affects the distortion signal
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 98mA @ +12v, 145mA (195mA on startup) @ -12v
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