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Abyss Devices Saevitum

An unstable, gnarly, warm tube VCA distortion with a switchable highpass or lowpass filter—this is the essence of the Saevitum module from Abyss Devices. Saevitum employs a 12AX7 JJ tube with a circuit designed for unearthing the unstable chaos unique to tube-powered equipment. You can customize your sound with a set of trimmers and jumpers on the back of the module, dialing in just how much chaos Saevitum will allow.

The front panel features a window showcasing the tube with a customizable, audio-reactive RGB LED that is wired into the distortion circuit—so the type of color you chose will also adjust the sonic character of the signal. Featuring a two-input mixing section, a unique feedback switch, and the ability to add just the filter to the Dry output (via a jumper), the Saevitum can adapt and thrive in any environment.

Saevitum Features

  • Tube VCA distortion
  • Nasty, unstable tube and filter circuit design
  • 12AX7 JJ tube included
  • Switchable highpass/lowpass filter mode
  • CV controls with attenuators for cutoff, resonance, feedback, and level
  • Feedback circuit is phased reversed for unstable, gnarly effects
  • Dry/wet balance
  • 2 input mixing
  • 3 trimmers on front to adjust the RGB hue
  • 4 Trimmers on back for fine-tuning
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V, 175mA @ -12V
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