1010 MusicNanobox Lemondrop Desktop Granular Synthesizer


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1010 Music Nanobox Lemondrop

Create unique tonal timbres using a powerful granular synthesis engine with the lemondrop nanobox from 1010 Music. Transform live audio or samples with four voice polyphony and two simultaneous granular streams. Each stream has independent parameters for density, size, and motion along with a trove of other musical parameters for sculpting your sound. You can load your own samples onto the provided SD card for use in either of these streams or you can do live-input granularization on one or both of the streams. A tertiary oscillator is available to help bolster the sounds adding harmonic cohesion or rich sub-frequencies with selectable classic waveforms. Two envelope generators, two LFOs, and a sequencer can be routed to affect just about any parameter plus an X/Y interface is available to capitalize on the incredibly responsive touchscreen. A built-in touch grid lets you use the device without an external controller which can be quantized to a particular scale and root note. Two independent effects can be added globally: one slot for either delay or reverb and a second for chorus, phaser, or flanger.

Despite its size, the lemondrop has an impressive amount of connections with 3.5mm TRS ins and outs for audio and MIDI plus an additional Clock In. Easily powered using the USB-C power port from an outlet or battery brick, you can take this anywhere you want and at about 4"x3" with sturdy housing, the lemondrop could easily slip into your pocket. With an impressive amount of features in a tiny package, this bright yellow friend stands out aesthetically and sonically, sure to add the right amount of zing to any studio or performance practice.

Nanobox Lemondrop Features

  • Ulta-compact granular synthesizer
  • 2 Independent streams of simultaneous granularization
  • 4 Voice polyphony
  • 2 Filters
  • 2 Envelopes
  • 2 LFOs
  • Step-adjustable sequencer, up to 32 steps
  • 6 built-in effects: delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, chorus
  • Over 120 presets
  • TRS I/O for audio and MIDI
  • Dedicated clock input
  • USB-C power port
  • Built-in Micro SD slot for reading presets and WAVs
  • 2" Touchscreen
  • Bright yellow housing with matching USB-C–USB-A cable
  • Power: USB-C, cable included—power brick is not
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 3" x 1.5"
  • Audio Input: 1x TRS 3.5mm
  • Audio Output: 1x TRS 3.5mm
  • MIDI I/O: 1x 3.5mm In, 1x 3.5mm Out
  • Clock Input
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Product Demo Videos
Nanobox Fireball & Lemondrop : New Pocket-Sized Granular and Wavetable Synthesizers from 1010 Music
We're absolutely stoked to announce the brand new NANOBOX synthesizers from @1010music !

The Fireball is an amazingly capable polyphonic wavetable synthesizer, and the Lemondrop is a polyphonic granular instrument.

Join our pals Brian and Wes for a first look at these fantastic new devices , and head over to Signal for an in-depth breakdown !
1010 Music Nanobox Lemondrop Desktop Granular Synthesizer Reviews