ZORX ElectronicsEurorack Ribbon Controller

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ZORX Electronics Eurorack Ribbon Controller

The ZORX Ribbon Controller adds an extra dimension of control to your modular performance, offering plenty of outputs and features. With a Teflon tape ribbon, durability is built right into the main controlling surface, which outputs 0–12v, pulse, and configurable gate. The ribbon does not have a S&H, so note that when you let go the voltage goes back to 0v. On the left side of the controller there is an auxiliary potentiometer, button, and pressure sensor. Each has their own independent CV output and it is placed in a way that doesn't impede your patching. A small trimmer is accessible to tame your ribbon's range or open it wide up and you can set the glowing LEDs around the case to be on, off, or touch activated. Switch up your modular controller with the ZORX Ribbon Controller.

Eurorack Ribbon Controller Features

  • Ribbon controller with 3.5mm outputs
  • DIfferent LED housing colors available
  • Ribbon voltage range is 0–12v, trimmer adjustable
  • Ribbon outputs CV, gate, and pulse signals
  • Utility push button, potentiometer, and pressure sensor output their own discrete CV
  • Switchable LED modes: on, off, touch activated
  • Switchable gate output: on, off, or touch activated
  • Switchable push button modes: normally open (pushing it closes) and normally closed (pushing it opens)
  • Dimensions: 22" X 1.5" X 1"
  • Power: PSU included
  • Outputs: 6x 3.5mm TS CV signals
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