ZORX Electronics1U CV Bus Voltage Distributor


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ZORX Electronics 1U CV Bus

ZORX's CV Bus is an 84HP 1U voltage distribution strip with four channels—each with one input and four outputs distributed across the length of the strip. Each output has a dedicated attenuverter, making it simple to scale and distribute signals throughout your case.

Using the inputs on the left-hand side, you can easily distribute signal to the four channels for use elsewhere. Plus, there are built-in attenuverters for all sixteen outputs, so you can dial signals down and invert them. Inputs 1 & 3 are normalled to inputs 2 & 4 respectively, and when nothing is patched into the inputs, the CV bus turns into a DC offset generator with a +/-5V range.

Easily grab CV and route it throughout your case with the 1U CV Bus from ZORX.

1U CV Bus Features

  • 84HP CV Bus with four one-to-four multiples
  • Designed for use in Intellijel format 1U rows
  • 4 inputs each with 4 outputs
  • Dedicated attenuverter on each output for easy signal scaling
  • Input 1 is normalled to 2, Input 3 is normalled to 4
  • Outputs +/- 5v variable DC offsets with nothing patched
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 84hp
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12v, 90mA @ -12v
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