ZoomUAC-232 32-Bit Float USB-C Audio Interface


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Zoom UAC-232

As one of the first 32-bit floating point audio interfaces, Zoom's UAC-232 embraces expansive dynamic range for hassle-free recording that will never clip, ensuring that every take is a good take. You won't find gain knobs on the UAC-232 because it doesn't need them—32-bit float audio allows for a total dynamic range of over 1500dB, well beyond what is physically possible on Earth. While that sounds excessive and unnecessary, but this generous range allows for loud or quiet signals to be re-scaled appropriately and crucially eliminates the possibility of clipping.

As such, the UAC-232's 32-bit float converters are paired with two low-noise preamps, as found in the F-Series recorders, with support for phantom power or line and instrument inputs. Turn on Direct Monitoring to hear yourself without latency, and load up Zoom's Mix Control software to adjust and tweak levels. Live on the edge of recording technology with Zoom's UAC-232.

UAC-232 Features

  • 32-bit floating point USB audio interface
  • No gain control—32-bit float offers incredible dynamic range to be scaled in post
  • Two low-noise preamps
  • Two line outputs
  • MIDI I/O
  • 48V phantom power
  • Direct monitoring for latency-free recording
  • MixControl software for monitoring settings
  • AD/DA: 32-bit float, up to 192kHz
  • Analog inputs: 2x XLR-TRS combo jacks
  • Analog outputs: 2x TRS balanced 1/4"
  • Headphones: 1x TRS 1/4"
  • MIDI: 5-Pin DIN In, Out
  • USB-C connections for computer, power
  • Dimensions: 164 x 105.5 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 355g
Zoom UAC-232 32-Bit Float USB-C Audio Interface Reviews