ZoomMS-60B Multistomp Bass Pedal


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Zoom MS-60B

The MS-60B multi-effect box is specifically made for bass, sculpting tones with a full-range frequency response. The MS-60B holds 58 bass effects that include amp/preamp modeling, modulation, delay, and reverb. The pedal allows you to stack up to 4 effects simultaneously, and also provides a means to cycle through any of your previously saved patches. The pedal also includes dual 1/4" output jacks so you can access stereo processing as well.

MS-60B Features

  • 58 Bass effects
  • Up to 4 effects can be stacked simultaneously in any order
  • Easy patch cycling for preset access
  • Dimensions: 2.3 x 3.05 x 5.13"
  • Power Specs: 2x AA battery
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