Zeppelin Design LabsAltura MkII+ Theremin MIDI Controller + Arpeggiator


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Zeppelin Design Labs Altura MkII+

Play any instrument like a theremin with the Altura MkII+ from Zeppelin Design Labs. This neat little box offers two range sensors on either side of the unit, and bringing your hands into their vicinity will activate note and control data. By default, Altura's behavior mimics that of a real theremin, with pitch dictated by the right hand and channel volume with the left. But this arrangement can be modified to suit whatever you wish to control, whether its a synthesizer, drum machine, or DAW. Altura conforms to General MIDI specifications, and offers a 5-pin DIN MIDI output to inteface with your other gear. Add some gestural control to your rig with Altura MkII+.

Altura MkII+ Features

  • Theremin-style MIDI controller
  • Dual proximity sensors emulate theremin functionality
  • Right sensor determines pitch, with optional scale and key quantization
  • Left sensor transmits CCs, Pitch Bend, or any other adjustable controller
  • X-Y Mode transmits dual CCs
  • 8-step arpeggiator with Tap Tempo
  • 5-pin MIDI DIN output
  • Power: 9V (PSU or battery—not included)
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