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YamahaMG10X CV 10-Input Stereo Mixer


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Yamaha MG10X

Make personal mixes or handle small setups with Yamaha's MG10X, a six channel mixer loaded with stellar parts, effects, and routing capabilities. Sporting four stellar combo inputs and two stereo line pairs, the MG10X produces finely leveled mic signals with engageable phantom power and up to +64dB of gain via Yamaha's class-A D-Pre's. The discrete design is complemented on the first two channels by one-knob compression for accentuating dynamics in a source while every channel features EQ for additional sonic sculpting. Additional clean up such as high pass filtering and padding can be found on the combo inputs for pristine mixes.

All tracks route to both monitor and main outputs with individual levels over each to have separate mixes from front of house to another monitoring system. MG10X also supplies a wonderful selection of dimensional and time-based effects with individual sends per channel, and the FX send doubles as an output for additional processing or monitoring. With footswitch control over effects and an additional headphone output for monitoring, the MG10X is a stellar option for smaller setups for live or two-tracking!

MG10X Features

  • Ten-input mixer
  • D-Pre class-A mic preamps with up to +64dB of gain and phantom power
  • Mic inputs offer -26dB pad and 80Hz high pass filter
  • Mic and line level inputs with four mono and three stereo channels
  • First two channels feature one-knob compression
  • Channels feature either three or two-band EQs, FX sends, panning, and level
  • Internal SPX effects with 24 DSP algorithms (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.)
  • Footswitch input for engaging effects
  • Main, monitor, and headphone outputs with additional FX send mono output
  • Analog inputs: 4x XLR/TRS 1/4" combo, 6x TRS 1/4"
  • Analog outputs: 2x XLR, 5x TRS 1/4"
  • Headphone output: 1x stereo TRS 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 9.6" x 2.8" x 11.6" (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 4.63 lbs
  • Power: PA-10 adapter (PSU included)
Yamaha MG10X CV 10-Input Stereo Mixer Reviews