XodesPV44 Preset Voltages


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Xodes PV44 Preset Voltages

PV44 by Xodes presents a four-by-four matrix for setting up preset voltages, which may then be recalled and patched out to any module. Each channel of PV44 offers four possible voltage offsets that can be called upon via the four trigger inputs, and the trigger inputs implement OR logic on the master output so voltage doesn't pile on itself. Channels A and B offer a three-way switcher that allows you to send voltages in ranges of 1V, 2V, or 4V, while channels C and D offer either +5V or +/-5V ranges. Additionally, a common modulation input allows you to apply CV to shift the voltages per channel, with individual attenuverters to define how much each channel will move. Either send PV44's voltages per channel out the individual outputs or send them out the master output. Flexible for recalling oscillator, percussion, or effects parameters, Xodes' PV44 is sure to keep your patches organized and performable.

PV44 Preset Voltages Features

  • 4 x 4 voltage preset selector
  • Channel A & B ranges 1V, 2V, or 4V via switcher
  • Channels C & D ranges +5V or +/-5V via switcher
  • Four voltage groupings selected via trigger input
  • Individual and master channel outputs
  • Singular modulation input with attenuverters per row
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 135mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
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