XodesLB5 Logic Blocks - 3U


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Xodes LB5 Logic Blocks

Providing five blocks of flexible logic gates that are perfect for trigger manipulation and signal gating comes the 3U version of LB5 from Xodes. The two inputs correlate to their inverse gate outputs via the NOT outputs, and can also be used in conjunction to create a variety of gate signals via the AND, OR, and XOR logic blocks with their respective inverse outputs. Additionally, LB5 offers Flip-Flop logic by using the A/B inputs as Clock and Data inputs, useful for clock division and toggling CV in and out. These logic blocks are very useful for creating intricate rhythms, gating envelopes and modulation, or even frequency division! Make the most of your patches by modulating them with the Xodes's LB5.

LB5 Logic Blocks Features

  • Five logic blocks
  • Two inputs with two inverter NOT gate outputs
  • AND, OR, XOR, and Flip-Flop logic outputs
  • These logic outputs have complementary opposite outputs
  • Inputs act as Clock and Data inputs for Flip-Flop logic, requiring the Reset input
  • Includes 1U blank panel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 5hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
Xodes LB5 Logic Blocks - 3U Reviews