XAOC DevicesMoskwa II Eight-Step Sequencer


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XAOC Devices Moskwa II

Moskwa II from XAOC Devices is the successor to the original Moskwa, adding a host of new features that improve upon the original design. It is an eight-step sequencer, inspired by vintage sequencers, but with modern twists that bring the feature up to today's standards. It offers eight steps with the option of unipolar or bipolar sequencing. An internal quantizer ensures your sequences stay in tune with eight scales, and a per-step slew limiter adds sliding between the steps of the sequence. In addition to pitch sequencing, it offers a parallel eight-step gate/trigger sequencer. Each step of the sequencer gets a pattern generator which includes micro-steps for each main sequence step and programming options including step repeat and swing. A custom trigger sequence features up to 256 steps of sequencing, unlocking even more rhythmic sequencing options.

Add a bit of unpredictability with the two independent randomization sections. These affect various sequencer parameters, such as step order and trigger probability. Store and recall eight presets on the fly for an extra layer of performability. Chain two Moskwa IIs together to double the step length and preset slots. The internal clock features a wide frequency range from 12-2400bpm and a transport control to start and stop the sequencer. In addition to the internal clock, it syncs to external clock sources and features a clock divider/multiplier to vary the synchronization. Add an Ostankino II expander to add even more functions including CV inputs and clock output. The Moskwa II is a playable sequencer with plenty of features under the hood to unlock deep sequencing possibilities.

Moskwa II Features

  • Eight-step sequencer
  • Individual gate/trigger patterns for each sequence step
  • Eight quantization modes
  • Programmable trigger sequencer with up to 256 steps
  • Slew limiter per step
  • Two lanes of internal randomization
  • Eight preset slots
  • Internal clock with 12-2400bpm range
  • External clock input with clock multiplier/divider
  • Chain two together for double the step length and presets
  • Ostankino II expander adds additional inputs and outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 40mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
  • Current draw: TBD
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