WMDUtility Parametric EQ Pedal


No Longer Available Contact us for a recommendation.

WMD Utility Parametric EQ Pedal

The WMD Utility Parametric EQ features 3 EQ bands, each with frequency ranges from 40Hz to 15kHz. Each band is an independent band-pass filter with dedicated controls for center frequency, quality factor, and gain. A dedicated stomp switch activates the EQ, and a corresponding LED lights up when engaged. 

Utility Parametric EQ Features

  • 3-band EQ
  • Footswitch activated EQ
  • Frequency selector switch
  • Quality Factor control
  • Cut/Boost Level control
  • Overall level control


  • 9-24 VDC jack - We didn't have room for a battery here because of the extra jacks or all the controls.
  • You can use anywhere from 9-24 volts for more headroom.
  • Standard BOSS style center negative (-) power supply works well
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