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WMDTRSHMSTR Filter / Distortion Module

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Created in collaboration with MSTRKRFT, the TRSHMSTR provides excellent filtering and distortion capabilities. The module consists of two routing paths, filter-distortion and distortion-filter, both of which can be used simultaneously and independently. 

The filter section is comprised of a band-pass filter with dedicated resonance that can push it to self-oscillation. There are three different types of feedback and a Flavor switch that changes how the resonance interplays with incoming audio. 

The module’s Drive circuit is inspired by past Tube Screamer designs, but has been improved to provide gain over an even greater range of frequencies. This section also contains an independent Flavor switch that alters the character of the circuit. 


  • FLTR is a nasty and versatile band-pass filter
  • Three resonance flavors change the character of FLTR’s feedback saturation.
  • DRV section provides a wide range of overdrive tones.
  • The HPF switch gives you control over the amount of lows allowed to enter the overdrive circuit.
  • The DRV also has three unique flavor settings.
  • CV control over frequency, resonance, gain, and tone.
  • CV attenuverters for both FREQ and GAIN control.
  • LED indicators for frequency, resonance, gain, and tone
  • KEY IN for filter tracking.
Product Demo Videos
WMD TRSHMSTR with drums and bass
Destroying modular drums with the WMD TRSHMSTR and then using it on a bass sound. The drums are sequenced by the Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor. Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Vermona Twincussion and Audio Damage Neuron make the drum sounds.

TRSHMSTR is a collaborative effort between WMD and electro-dance heavyweights MSTRKRFT. TRSHMSTR features an aggressive combination of band-pass filtering (FLTR) and distortion (DRV). The FLTR and DRV sections can be used independently or together to produce a wide variety of tone-shaping, from subtle distress to full-on acid destruction. The INs and OUTs of the FLTR and DRV sections are cross-normalled, so you can run your signal through FLTR and into DRV or vice-versa with no extra patching.
WMD TRSHMSTR Filter / Distortion Module Reviews