WMDTriple Bipolar VCA


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WMD Triple Bipolar VCA

The WMD Triple Bipolar VCA is an input side expansion for their Phase Displacement Oscillator (PDO) that adds three modulating inputs (inverting, polarizing, and bipolar) to the PDO’s phase modulation inputs. Despite its ability to serve as an expander, it also works very well as a standalone module.

Additionally, the module features a dedicated crossfading input, linear response, summed mix output, dedicated bipolar attenuators for incoming CV, and three color LEDs.

Triple Bipolar VCA Features

  • Three Bipolar VCAs
  • Normaling to PDO
  • Linear Response
  • Bipolar Attenuator for CV
  • Mix Output Sums All Three VCAs
  • Bi-color Signal LED
  • "-" Input for Crossfading
  • +12 rail: 80mA current draw
  • -12 rail: 75mA current draw
  • 8 HP wide
  • Skiffable (Roughly 25mm deep)
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