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WMD Synchrodyne

The WMD Synchrodyne is a cleverly-designed module comprised of several compartmentalized pieces that are especially useful to subtractive synthesis patches. But it doesn’t stop there, the Synchrodyne can also be used as a highly experimental sound source and filter that consequently pushes the limits of modular synthesis. The Synchrodyne utilizes a switched capacitor filter sans any microcontrollers, and instead driven by an analog sawtooth-core VCO with extensive frequency control.

There’s also an onboard frequency multiplier that takes the VCO all the way up to audio rate while maintaining its ability to control the filter, giving the module the ability to act as an audio and control source at the same time.

Additionally, the module’s dual filter outputs, one -12dB and the other -24dB, feature single stage rectifiers for a more destructive sound. The front end of the filter also features a dedicated VCA and wavefolder for an even more expansive sonic palette.

Synchrodyne Features

  • Front End Linear VCA
  • Switchable Four Stage WaveFolder
  • TempCo Sawcore VCO
  • Linear (AC/DC) & Expo (DC) FM
  • Bipolar Attenuators for FM
  • Calibrated 1V/Oct Input
  • Hard Sync Input
  • VCO Range ~.02Hz - >=400kHz
  • Phase Locked Loop
  • PLL Frequency Multiplier/Divider
  • Variable Slew & Damping in PLL
  • Switched Capacitor Filter
  • Multimode Filter Output
  • -12 & -24 dB/oct Output Taps
  • Stable Self-Oscillation at -24dB/oct
  • Voltage Control of Filter Resonance
  • Single Stage WaveFolder on Outs
  • Expandable
  • +12 rail: 60mA current draw
  • -12 rail: 50mA current draw
  • 14 HP Wide
  • Roughly 40mm deep
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