WMD / SSFTool-Box CV and Audio Utilities


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WMD / SSF Tool-Box

The Steady State Fate and WMD Tool-Box is a collection of beneficial CV and audio tools in a compact 6HP. The module features a SUM inputs, Rectify input, Compare inputs (which are essentially a bi-polar comparator), analog OR inputs, Invert, and Switch inputs. 

Tool-box is an excellent means of quickly adding several useful utility features to one’s Eurorack modular synthesizer system. 

Tool-Box Features

  • SUM input for summing two sources.
  • RECTIFY input for positively rectifying bipolar signals.
  • COMPARE is an open ended bipolar comparator.
  • ANALOG OR, also known as a Maximum, outputs the dynamic maximum value of two inputs.
  • INVERT is a single input inverter.
  • SWITCH is a manual and voltage controlled toggle switch.
  • High efficiency LED indication.

  • +12V @ 20mA, -12V @ 20mA
  • 6HP
  • 0.98", 25mm Depth
WMD / SSF Tool-Box CV and Audio Utilities Reviews