WMD / SSFMini Slew Voltage Controlled Slope Generator


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WMD / SSF Mini Slew

The Steady State Fate and WMD Mini Slew fulfills dual functions as a function generator and skew limiter. Its rise and fall parameters can be manipulated manually or via CV. The module also features a Sum CV mode that sends singular or summed input signals to both of the module’s rise and fall CV inputs. 

Additionally, it’s function shapes are also able to be manipulated, both manually and via CV, between linear and exponential response shapes, while a Vari-Output control knob and CV input sweep through the output function from -/+ 10V. Dedicated EOR and EOC outputs ensure precise synchronization with the rest of one’s modular synthesizer system. 

Mini Slew Features

  • Voltage controlled function generator and active slew limiter
  • Manual rise and fall time controls with individual CV inputs
  • Unique SUM CV mode
  • Smooth control over log, linear and exponential function response shapes with voltage control
  • Time compensation mode retains the timing of the function while changing the response shape.
  • VARI-OUTPUT control sweeps output function from -10V through zero to +10V from a dedicated variable output jack with voltage control
  • Positive unipolar envelope output with LED level meter
  • End of cycle and end of rise gate outputs
  • Signal input
  • Triggered and cycle mode. Trigger-able cycle on/off 
  • Timescale FM tracks 3-4 octaves approximately to the 1V/oct scale
  • +12V @ 70mA, -12V @ 50mA
  • 8HP
  • 0.98", 25mm Depth.
WMD / SSF Mini Slew Voltage Controlled Slope Generator Reviews