WMD / SSFBlender VC Crossfader / Mixer


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WMD / SSF Blender

Steady State Fate and WMD have teamed up to produce a whole new line of eurorack synth modules! Blender is a mixer centered around blending signals with a crossfader. Four signals can be processed by the two manual crossfaders, each voltage controllable. With the blend of both channels perfectly balanced and the x-fade centered, the module acts as a four channel mixer. 

Blender Features

  • Two manual crossfaders with two inputs each.
  • Voltage controlled output crossafader with manual control.
  • Direct inputs to the VC crossfader (breaks normalization)
  • High efficiency LEDs
  • +12V @ 20mA, -12V @ 20mA
  • 6HP
  • 0.98", 25mm Depth
WMD / SSF Blender VC Crossfader / Mixer Reviews