WMD / SSFAmplitude Discrete VCA


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WMD / SSF Amplitude

The Steady State Fate and WMD Amplitude is a discrete transistor core VCA module with dynamic shape response. The module features a combination gain and saturation control, CV offset control capable of handling both uni- and bi-polar CV (also with manual level controls), and CV shaping that allows the module to morph between linear to exponential.

Amplitude Features

  • Discrete transistor design based on vintage analog synthesizers
  • Gain/saturation control adds warmth and soft distortion
  • Manual linear/exponential CV response control
  • Integrated, voltage controlled linear to exponential CV converter with dedicated CV output
  • Dedicated CV offset and CV attenuator
    • +12V @ 20mA, -12V @ 20mA
    • 6HP
    • 0.98", 25mm Depth
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