WMDProtostar Envelope Filter Pedal


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WMD Protostar Envelope Filter Pedal

The WMD Protostar is an evolution of their FatMan pedal. Essentially, the pedal is a combination of an envelope filter, autowah, and modulation pedal albeit with a plethora of additional features that afford a unique sound design experience. The pedal is capable of generating wha-type funk sounds, phaser/tremolo effects, and insane LFOs that change in flux with the incoming audio signal. Perhaps most significantly, the Protostar houses a full CV patch bay, dedicated LFO, effects loop, quad filter modes, and an expression pedal input.

Protostar Features

  • Full CV patch bay
  • Effects loop
  • Built in LFO
  • Four filter modes
  • Expression pedal input
  • Controls for: Attack, Threshold, Env AMT, Resonance, Freq, LFO Rate, LFO AMT, Compression, Dry/Wet
  • CV section: Sidechain, EXP Out, -Env out, +Env Out, LFO Out, LFO Rate, LFO AMT, Freq, Feedback
  • 9VDC, Boss Style Center Negative, 300mA. Do not exceed 9V. 1A supply recommended
  • Internal Bipolar 12V power supply
  • 0-5V nominal CV range. All inputs/outpus protected
  • LFO CV sensitivity and Compressor Gain adjustable internally
  • Relay true Bypass
  • 4.9" x 3.9" x 2.4" maximum dimensions
  • Expression Pedal: 10k -1K pot. TRS connection
  • Patch Points - Mono or Stereo Cable. Signals are mono
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