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WMD Performance Mixer MKII

Back and better than ever, WMD's Performance Mixer MkII brings welcome refinement to the original beloved mixer for modular synthesizers. Now supporting stereo inputs for all of its channels, you'll have no trouble patching in samplers, effects chains, wide filters, or any other module in an increasingly stereo-centric Eurorack world. Alternatively, each channel can operate in X-Fade mode, repurposing the Pan control to crossfade between the two inputs. There are also two auxiliary sends available for selective effects processing, alternative monitoring systems, and more.

Returning from the prior version, the Performance Mixer MkII offers an easy cue mixing system to monitor tracks in your headphones before beaming them out to the main outputs. You can even group tracks together to make simultaneous changes in mutes or cue status. But an interesting addition to this model is the new MIDI output—useful for tracking automation in a DAW based on the pan, level, and Aux settings.

Like the original, Performance Mixer MkII boasts incredible expansion capabilities. With the upcoming PM Channels MkII expander, you can have up to a total of 24 stereo channels—perfect for the most massive modular rigs. There's also planned support for channel inserts, with a number of upcoming effects designs in the works. While the original continues to be used in systems all over the world, the Performance Mixer MkII is sure to be a welcome upgrade for serious performing modular artists.

Performance Mixer MKII Features

  • Updated version of the original WMD Performance Mixer
  • 8 stereo or dual mono channels
  • 2 stereo auxiliary busses
  • Pre/Post fader operation for Aux 2
  • Soft mute switch per channel (no clicks)
  • Grouping function for changing Cue, Mute, Routing for multiple tracks at once
  • Pan control functions as panning or crossfade control (for dual mono inputs)
  • Secondary routing bus
  • Stereo Cue Mix output
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Balance main outputs
  • CV inputs for Pan, Level, Aux1, Aux2
  • MIDI output for CCs corresponding to Level, Pan, Aux levels
  • Easily replaceable channel strip circuits
  • Expansion support up to 24 channels
  • Additional expansion planned in the future: channel inserts and more
  • WMD Soft Start integrated into design
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 50hp
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Current draw: 550mA @ +12V, 520mA @ -12V
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