WMDPDO MKII Phase Displacement OSC


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The WMD PDO mkII combines the warm sound of an all-analog VCO with the advantages of digital waveshaping. The module itself is a redesign of WMD’s Phase Displacement Oscillator, albeit with a more ergonomic front panel, less power consumption, and upgraded phase input routing.

The aim of the PDO mkII is phase modulation, which affects the relative phase of the generated waveform rather than the frequency, making it adept at creating metallic tones and controlled harmonic interplay. The module can also be used as a PM-centric VCO, making it incredibly useful for the precise modulation of other modules. If that’s not enough, each of the module’s outputs can output any of the available waveforms at the same time!

PDO MKII Features

  • Analog Sawcore VCO
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Linear (AC/DC) & Expo (DC) FM
  • Bipolar Attenuators for FM
  • Calibrated 1V/Oct Input
  • Hard Sync Input (LFO Reset)
  • ~.0012Hz (14min) to >=10kHz
  • Digital Waveshaper
  • Four Simultanious Outputs
  • Phase Modulation for Outputs 2,3,4
  • Bipolar CV Inputs for Phase Mod
  • Any waveform on any output
  • 14 Bit Input, 12 bit Output
  • 100kHz Sample Rate
  • Channel Indicator LEDs
  • Sum output of all channels
  • Expandable

  • Eurorack Format
  • 16 HP Wide
  • Roughly 40mm deep
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