WMDMultimode VCA


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WMD Multimode VCA

The WMD Multimode VCA is one of the most versatile VCAs in all of Eurorack. The module can be reconfigured in a number of useful ways, including for use as two independent VCAs, or as a summed stereo to mono VCA with independent control over each channel. The module features extensive headroom but can easily be overdriven via its saturation circuit. 

Comprised of two OTA-VCAs, the MMVCA features both Exponential and Linear response, bipolar CV attenuators, sum and inverted outputs, and intelligent normalling.

Multimode VCA Features

  • Two Factory-Trimmed OTA VCAs
  • Exponential & Linear Respons
  • Bipolar CV Attenuators
  • Intelligent Normaling
  • AC / DC I/O Signal Coupling
  • Variable Saturation/Soft Clipping
  • Sum Outputs
  • Inverted Outputs
  • Green CV LEDs
  • Signal LEDs - Blue (+) / Red (-)
  • 20Vpp Clean Output Range
  • +40mA/-40mA Current Consumption
  • 10 HP
  • Skiffable (Roughly 25mm deep)
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