WMDMultimode Envelope Expansion


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WMD Multimode Envelope Expansion

WMD’s Multimode Envelope Expansion pairs with the Multimode Envelope, adding features such as per-segment voltage control, per-segment bipolar attenuation, EOS trigger outs, gate reset behavior with a dedicated switch, a trigger length trimmer, retriever and hold inputs, and a timescale calibrated input. All of these features combined with those inherent in the Multimode Envelope make this combo one of the most expansive EGs in all of Eurorack.

Multimode Envelope Expansion Features

  • Voltage Control per Segment
  • Bipolar Attenuators per Segment
  • End of Segment Trigger Outputs
  • Segment Active LEDs
  • Gate On Reset Behavior Switch
  • Gate & Envelope Strength LEDs
  • Trigger Length Trimmer
  • Retrigger Input
  • Hold Input
  • ADR TimeScale Calibrated Input


    • +12 Rail: 49mA, 104mA with expansion
    • -12 Rail: 27mA, 38mA with expansion
    • All CV inputs are 100k impedance. Trigger outputs are 1k impedance, CV outputs are 470 ohm impedance.
    • 6 HP wide
    • A 20 pin cable is provided for connecting to the Multimode Envelope
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