WMDuHC Micro Hadron Collider

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WMD’s uHC Micro Hadron Collider is a dual state-variable VCF with dedicated mixer that produces intricate waveshapes and precisely-crafted timbres. The module’s signal flow is characteristically versatile and features both dedicated CV control and normalling.� Depending on how it is patched, the module can be used as a 4-pole filter, as two 2-pole filters, and anything in-between. It is entirely analog and contains outputs for low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass. Filter 2 also features a dedicated notch output (which is also afforded to Filter 1 when paired with the expansion module).�

uHC Features

  • All analog design
  • Dual State-variable VCF with dedicated mixer
  • Use as a 2-pole filter, 4-pole filter, or anything in-between�
  • Low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass outputs�
  • +12 Rail: 80-100mA up to 120mA with Audio Expansion Module
  • -12 Rail: 70-85mA up to 110mA with Audio Expansion Module
  • All inputs are 100k impedance. All outputs are 1k impedance
  • 16 HP wide
  • Ships with four M3x6 mounting screws and a 16 to 10 pin power cable
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