WMDLegion Analog Oscillator


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WMD Legion

Sculpt your perfect sound with WMD's Legion analog oscillator, boasting six simultaneous waveform outputs, through-zero FM, and digital tuning calibration. One of the most handy features that any synthesist will appreciate is the ability to lock in your tuning, to avoid accidentally bumping it out of tune during a recording session or performance. Aside from that, the sonic options presented to you will dazzle: simultaneous access to sine, triangle, saw, and pulse, plus a dedicated sub output with selectable octave and waveform. That's not all, the sixth output is their unique Swarm output, generating an analog supersaw sound created by using 7 DAC LFOs that modulates the phase of different reset points in the original wave. Additionally, the Saw output has an extra layer of control inspired by the Alpha Juno synthesizer called Windows, which adds a negative pulse to the waveform. Use the buttons to adjust the intensity of this effect and to create overtones, as well as a more complex high end.

Not satisfied with the status quo, WMD added through-zero modulation that also affects the Sub output, which is a first for Eurorack. Dedicated inputs and controls for linear or exponential FM let you use this TZM to its full potential. PWM, Sync, and a Detune CV control rounds out the modulation patch points. Expertly engineered to be energy efficient and cool, the Legion from WMD is a huge sounding oscillator in a compact size.

Legion Features

  • 6-output analog oscillator
  • Through-zero FM
  • Unique Swarm output that sounds like a supersaw with timbre control
  • Windows parameter that adds complex waveshaping to Saw output, inspired by the Alpha Juno
  • Sub output with switchable octave, waveform, and reacts to TZFM
  • Dedicated octave switch for the entire module
  • Linear and exponential FM
  • PWM input and control
  • Lock you tuning to prevent accidental knob nudging
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 58mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
WMD Legion Eurorack Oscillator Module - Sound Examples
A legion of waveforms await. Endless possibilities ahead.

Legion is a new breed of analog oscillator with tons of individual waveform outputs, a host of useful CV inputs, and a few never-been-done-before analog tricks.

In this video, we explore some of the sounds Legion is capable. In particular, there are lots of examples of thru-zero FM with different waveforms, showcasing the different timbres available. No distortion or effects of any kind are added. All sounds are 100% Legion.
WMD Legion Analog Oscillator Reviews