WMDGeiger Counter Eurorack


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WMD Geiger Counter Eurorack

Finally, a Eurorack version of WMD’s acclaimed Geiger Counter pedal, now with voltage control over many crucial parameters. The module is essentially a high gain preamp and an 8-bit computer that is capable of creating subtle sounds akin to tube overdrive, hot leads, and even lo-fi aliasing, and auditory insanity—multiple octave foldovers, harsh digital garbage, and noisy destruction. The pedal takes all the power of digital and uses it to achieve both horrific and pleasurable distortions (sometimes even in the same setting). 

Geiger Counter Eurorack Features

  • High Gain Modern Preamp
  • Preamp Attenuator
  • Direct Input
  • Dramatic Tone Control with Disable
  • Sample Rate from 260Hz to 200kHz
  • 1 to 8 Bit Depth with Mask mode
  • 252 Wave Table Modulator
  • CV of Sample Rate
  • CV of Bit Depth
  • CV of Wave Table
  • Always saves settings
  • Top Quality Components
  • Anodized and epoxy screen printed


  • Eurorack Module
  • Roughly 60mA current draw per rail
  • 10 HP Wide
  • Skiffable (Roughly 30mm deep)
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