WMDDigital VCA Voltage Controlled Attenuator


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WMD Digital VCA

WMD’s Digital VCA features an analog circuit under full digital control. The module is comprised of dual VCAs and features three modes: Instant, where the VCA follows the CV signal; Gate, where the VCA only responds to the rising edge of the signal; Zero Crossing Detector, which updates the VCA when the input signal hits zero volts. The latter mode eliminates the popping and clicking normally associated with fast envelopes. 

Digital VCA Features

  • Dual VCA Design
  • Low Distortion / Low Noise
  • VCA Closes Completely
  • Zero Crossing Detector
  • Gate/Trigger Detector
  • 5V/8V CV ready
  • 8 bit CV resolution
  • Analog Signal Path
  • Bi-Color LED Signal Indicator
  • Red CV Indicator
  • Great for Ultra Fast Envelopes


  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 6 HP
  • Depth: 31mm
  • Current Draw: 75mA@+12V; 45mA@-12V
WMD Digital VCA Voltage Controlled Attenuator Reviews