WMDDigital VCA MKIII Dual Zero-Crossing VCA + Polarizer


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The Digital VCA mkIII from WMD is the third and ultimate edition of their dual VCA, offering a fully analog signal path under digital control to eliminate pops and clicks, act as a sample and hold, and plenty more handy tricks for any Eurorack system. Unlike previous iterations of the Digital VCA, this mkIII version delivers full functionality across both channels, providing two incredibly feature-rich circuits sure to bring modulation and audio sources to life in your patches.

Three useful modes allow you to implement this handy circuit in a variety of contexts throughout your system. Instant or INST mode acts as a standard VCA, with a continuous output that updates instantly as a change occurs at the signal or CV inputs. ZCD mode utilizes digital control to update only when the input signal crosses 0V, eliminating the clicks and pops that can occur when a VCA is opened suddenly while the input signal is above zero. This is especially useful as an amplitude envelope for periodic oscillator signals when using fast, snappy envelopes, such as when creating sine wave bass lines. Finally, TR or trigger mode allows the Digital VCA mkIII to act as a sample and hold. Two independent noise generators are normalled to the CV inputs of each channel, and 5V normalled to each input, making a convenient random voltage generator with the addition of a few external triggers from your system.

With additional options for polar and bipolar operation, flexible normalling for channel B, and a convenient unity gain mixed output of A and B, WMD has made the most thoughtful iteration of this circuit yet. Limited to only 410 units, this powerhouse utility brings tons of creative patching possibilities to any Eurorack System. If you're looking for a VCA with great sound and maximum flexibility in your system, look no further than the Digital VCA mkIII from WMD.

Digital VCA MKIII Features

  • Dual VCA and sample & hold
  • 100% analog signal path under digital control
  • Instant (INST) mode with continuous output for standard VCA operation
  • Zero-crossing detector (ZCD) mode updates the output only on a zero crossing, eliminating pops and clicks in the audio signal
  • Trigger (TR) mode acts as a sample and hold, updating a new value on the output only when a trigger is applied to the Update (UPD) input
  • White noise normalled to CV input and 5V normalled to signal input for easy S&H patching, creating offsets, or use as a noise source
  • Independent noise circuit for B allows for two different random voltages in dual S&H operation
  • Normallization for CV input B is switchable between noise and CV input A
  • Input of B switchable between +5V or OUT A
  • Bipolar switch inverts output signal, useful for ring modulation and other tasks
  • OUT A+B provides a mix of A and B outputs at unity gain
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 65mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V
WMD Digital VCA MKIII Dual Zero-Crossing VCA + Polarizer Reviews