WMDCompressor Dynamics Processor


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WMD Compressor

The WMD Compressor is a dynamics processing module with a few tricks behind its aluminum paneling. The module is ideal for soothing resonant peaks as well as adding dynamics to any external audio signal. It also provides a convenient way to morph static patches into a breathing, pulsing juggernaut; feedback patches, percussion, and external processing will never be the same. 

The module is comprised of a high end THAT 4301 core and low noise op-amps that have been specially customized for modular levels, but also work great with +4 line level signals. 

Compressor Features

  • THAT 4301 Forward Compressor
  • Ultra Low Noise Opamps
  • DC Coupled Throughout
  • Input and Output Variable Saturation
  • +-12dB of Input Gain
  • Manual/Auto Attack and Release
  • Hard or Soft Knee
  • RMS/Peak/Adaptive Level Detection
  • Expander Mode
  • Infinite Ratio for Limiting
  • CV Control
  • Wet/Dry for Parallel Compression
  • Side Chain Input
  • Envelope Output
  • LEDs for Threshold & Compression
  • Stereo Operation by Linking


  • Eurorack Module
  • 12 HP Wide
  • +12v: 52mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 40mA Current Draw
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