Winter ModularONE2FIVE MIDI Thru Module


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Winter Modular ONE2FIVE

ONE2FIVE is a convenient utility module from Winter Modular created to aid in situations when splitting a single MIDI signal into five MIDI signals is beneficial. The module is cleverly designed to accept both 5-pin DIN MIDI, as well as Type A and B TRS MIDI inputs—selectable via a 3-position switch. The output section features 3 5-pin DIN sockets and 2 TRS jacks. The behavior of the TRS jacks can be altered between Type A and Type B via a switch on the back of the module. ONE2FIVE takes up only 6 HP of your rack space, and allows you to completely bypass external Thru boxes, and overall cable mess.

ONE2FIVE Features

  • MIDI Thru utility in modular format
  • 1 to 5 MIDI splitter
  • MIDI input is switchable between 5-pin, TRS Type A, and Type B connections
  • Output section features 3 5-pin DIN and 2 TRS sockets
  • A switch on the back of the module allows to set TRS outs to MIDI Type A or Type B
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: Depth: 31mm
  • Current draw: Power: 4mA @ +12V
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