Weston Precision AudioPA0 Phase Animated Oscillator


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Weston Precision Audio PA0

Capable of everything from plush to gnarly timbres, Weston Precision Audio's PA0 is a thru-zero FM and PM analog oscillator with loads of wave outputs and modulation inputs. The main waveshapes designated by the 0º labeling offer standard ramp, triangle, sine, and square waves with an additional trapezoid and sub-octave square. To the right of these shapes, we take those same main waveshapes and apply a locked 90º phase shift or an adjustable amount that can extend past the 180º limit in either direction for clipped-like wave shapes. The extra two outputs in the phase-shifted section include Weston's "MW" wave that acts like a very strange triangle with humps as well as a variable pulse output, where the phase control dictates the PWM applied.

While the phase section has its own linear PM input with attenuation, both sections are controlled via the pitch and FM controls above to create wonderful melodies and FM tones. The pitch is dictated via both the fine-tuning and octave control, and the additional sync input offers classic 80s lead sounds as well as softer interpretations with the option to use hard or soft sync. The FM section features not only an exponential input for creating solid vibratos and pitchbends, but also a linear FM section tied to the tuning of the oscillator via the FM index. The index can be variable or set in one of two select positions, and because the oscillator offers true thru-zero modulation, the index can push into the negative for a more rich FM experience. Utilizing matched outputs or creatively blending between the different outputs and phase-shifted ones makes PA0 an awesome starting point for developing fantastic leads, basses, drones, and a variety of other sounds.

PA0 Features

  • TZ analog oscillator
  • Triangle core design featuring normal and phase-shifted/animated outputs
  • Four basic waveshapes (sine, ramp, triangle, and square) and auxiliary outputs (sub-octave pulse, PWM, and "MW" wave)
  • Selectable hard or soft sync and 1V/Oct tracking inputs
  • TZ linear & exponential FM inputs with a TZ linear PM input, all with attenuators
  • FM index control sets TZ linear FM baseline and can be locked to +2 or +4 (octave separation)
  • Adjustable phase going through 0º and 180º for lopped phase
  • Lockable 90º phase for animated outputs
  • Octave and fine tuning controls
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 95mA @ -12V
Weston Precision Audio PA0 Phase Animated Oscillator Reviews