Weston Precision AudioH1 Analog Harmonizer


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Weston Precision Audio H1

Seamlessly merging analog and digital technologies, Weston Precision Audio's H1 Analog Harmonizer features two oscillators under precise control, able to be controlled by traditional voltages or track the frequency of external audio signals. As implied by the name, H1 can be used to generate harmonies by patching another oscillator into it, but the open-ended nature of modular patching doesn't limit it to this purpose. Simply use it as two analog oscillators with a built-in quantizer, or even separate these functions as needed for your patches.

How you use H1 will depend on your choice of its two modes: Normal mode—where oscillator note intervals are selected with the piano-layout buttons at the top, and Chord mode—quantizing pitches in real-time or recalling intervals from a stored table. In either mode, the H1 can control its two digitally-controlled analog oscillators (DCOs) based on voltages coming into the primary CV inputs above the oscillator controls, or analyze the frequency of an external signal at the Osc In jack. For best results, raw periodic waveforms from another VCO will work best, but there are no rules for experimentation! Try plugging in your guitar, voice, or even non-tonal sources for different results.

Despite the digital power contained within, H1 features two truly analog oscillators, with all of that rich character you'd expect from a well-designed VCO. Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square wave outputs are available for each oscillator, plus a Mix output blending both oscillators as well as any external Osc In signal. Thus, if you use H1 to track and harmonize an external oscillator, you can save yourself some external patching by using H1 as a mixer—how handy!

If you'd like to put a twist on your polyphonic Eurorack patches, give the Weston H1 Analog Harmonizer a spin and enjoy lush, well-tuned analog tones.

H1 Features

  • Dual analog oscillator with precision pitch control
  • Capable of quantization, harmonization, chord modes, and more
  • External Oscillator Input for frequency tracking
  • Interval selection + scale quantization chosen with buttons in piano-style layout
  • CV and trigger intputs for each oscillator for traditional 1V/Oct pitch control
  • Linear thru-zero FM with attenuators
  • Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square waveform outputs
  • Mix output for blend of oscillator waveforms and external source
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 200mA @ +12V, 85mA @ -12V
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