Weston Precision AudioB2 Kick Drum + Bass Voice


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Weston Precision Audio B2

Design booming bass and zapping kick drums with Weston Precision Audio's B2, an updated kick and bass voice module improving upon their beloved B1. The B2 provides the stellar pathway of a typical drum voice but with some improved upon elements, such as the envelope attacks being sub 1ms, an added sine wave sub oscillator, and even a multimode filter. Starting from its core, the B2 offers a multi-wave selection of pulse, saw, and an octave up saw, and not only does the main oscillator blend between the selected wave and a sine wave, but the final main oscillator blends with a suboctave sine. This can serve simply as a solid foundation for a bass synth voice or a punch-less kick, but incorporating the Bend amount tied to the dedicated Bend envelope will increase the influence of thump and zap that kick drums usually showcase.

Moving to the envelopes, we have two solid, mode-selectable envelopes with dual controls for either an AR or an AD setup with different combinations via the envelope switch. The first envelope is both tied to the pitch bend as well as the filter cutoff with independent influence on each, and the second is linked directly to the VCA for tailoring your sound in a multilayered fashion. Easily sculpt the tone with the flexible, resonant multi-mode filter, offering three different filter types for creating carving out or and emphasizing harmonic content, or even create sweeping effects and modulation for a more lively instrument. With CV influence over cutoff frequency and velocity as well as pitch-tracking over the tuning, the B2 is a versatile bass and kick designer for achieving subby and tonally rich low-end.

B2 Features

  • Kick drum and bass module
  • 1V/Oct trackable oscillator with four wave shapes and sinusoidal sub-octave
  • Two envelopes that can be AD or AR with a trigger/gate input
  • Attack time can go as fast as 25 microseconds
  • Envelope amount controls over bend and filter cutoff via the bend envelope
  • Multi-mode filter with cutoff and resonance controls (low/band/high pass selections)
  • Velocity and cutoff frequency CV inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 85mA @ -12V
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