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West Oakland Modular Skipmin Quad Probabilistic Gate Skipper

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West Oakland Modular Skipmin

The Skipmin, from West Oakland Modular, contains four inputs that route gate and trigger signals through its outputs in accordance with a probability factor ranging from 0-100%. Higher percentages mean that gates are more likely to be emitted at the output, while a smaller percentage means they are less likely to do so. Although this may seem like an inherently simple process, the results are decidedly intricate and profoundly rhythmic. Even better, whenever an incoming signal traverses into the audio rate, the module generates unique pulse-width modulation effects.

Skipmin Features

  • Four input channels, each is normalled from left to right
  • Inputs accept any gate or trigger signals between 0–10V
  • Skip knob per channel controls probability from 0% (completely off) to 100% (all gates/triggers pass through)
  • Mute switch per channel disconnects the corresponding output channel. Mute status is indicated by LED illumination of corresponding skip knob
  • Output per channel passes a 0 to +5V gate/trigger
  • Output gate length mirrors input gate length
  • Includes Skipmin module, 16-pin to 10-pin power cable, two black M3 screws (8mm length), two black nylon washers
  • Power Supply: +12V (no draw on -12V or +5V rails)
  • Power Draw: 50mA max
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 23mm (33mm with connected power cable)
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