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Wes AudiongTubeEQ Mastering Tube Equalizer


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Wes Audio ngTubeEQ

The ngTubeEQ from Wes Audio is a dual-channel 4-band analog EQ that delivers the ultimate fusion of analog sound and digital control. With a warm and rich sound that harkens back to analog studios of yesteryear and sleek digital control that integrates seamlessly into modern DAW workflows, the ngTubeEQ represents a new generation of professional outboard processors. Perfect for all sorts of two-channel signal sculpting from dual mono to mid/side techniques, ngTubeEQ is a flexible studio workhorse ready to shape your mix to its fullest ear-pleasing potential session after session.

ngTubeEQ boasts an impressive range of digital controls, but its signal path is 100% analog, offering premium warmth with a generous 26dBu of headroom. Its four passive, inductor based frequency bands range from 22Hz to 28kHz, giving you control over virtually the entire range of human hearing. In addition to these powerful spectra-sculptors, there are additional active low and high pass filters with selectable 12 or 24dB slope which can be bypassed as needed. Adjust bandwidth to your taste with both proportional Q and constant Q modes, and dial in dynamic response with adjustable total harmonic distortion (THD). Dual outputs give you access to balanced Tube circuit or Carnhill Transformer with Iron Pad for extra saturation. Once you have a few settings you like amidst these expansive options, easily compare a variety of presets with the handy A/B/C switches on the front panel.

Taking this immensely flexible analog EQ into the modern era, Wes Audio delivers a stunning and intuitive plug-in for controlling the unit in your DAW. This allows for effortless saving and recall of presets, so you can store all your go-to settings and never lose your work when you come back to a session. With the ngTubeEQ, the combined power of analog sound and efficiency of digital control make for a revolution in outboard processing, and will easily become a mainstay of your studio workflow.

ngTubeEQ Features

  • Analog parametric tube equalizer with 26dBu headroom and modern digital control
  • 4-band passive EQ section with custom inductors
  • Each band offers 12 selectable frequency points, with a total range of 22Hz to 28kHz
  • Each band is bypassable and features variable Q
  • Proportional and Constant Q options
  • Active low and high-pass filters with 12/24dB slopes and bypass switch
  • Dual, stereo, and mid/side modes for flexible operation
  • Proprietary THD circuit for adjustable saturation response
  • Expansive DAW plug-in control for full access to all settings and unlimited presets for instant recall
  • Dual output features both tube and Carnhill transformers alongside balanced output
  • Selectable gain modes for each channel: +/-15dB or +/-5dB
  • A/B/C memory settings for effortlessly comparing presets
  • Rack size: 3U
Wes Audio ngTubeEQ Mastering Tube Equalizer Reviews