WavefonixLogarithmic Attenuator (AT) - Standard Edition


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Wavefonix Logarithmic Attenuator

Wavefonix's Logarithmic Attenuator is a three-block passive attenuator fantastic for any modular system looking for more control over audio and CV signals. Its passive nature not only saves your system from excessive power consumption, but it also helps avoid any unnecessary signal and noise introduction. Because the response curvature is logarithmic, the Logarithmic Attenuator is great for mixing audio signals but just as fine for handling CV ones as well.

Logarithmic Attenuator Features

  • Passive signal attenuator module
  • Three blocks of logarithmic response and unity-gain attenuation
  • Individual control over CV or audio signals
  • Requires no power!
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 5hp
  • Depth: 15mm
  • Current draw: Passive
Wavefonix Logarithmic Attenuator (AT) - Standard Edition Reviews