WavefonixDual Switch (SW) - Standard Edition


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Wavefonix Dual Switch

With a passive and straightforward design, the Dual Switch from Wavefonix is a handy routing utility for any modular signal. Each section sports two inputs,a toggle switch, and an output, allowing the ability to switch between two different signals at one output. But because the module is totally passive, it can be used in both directions, meaning you can also use this module to route one signal to two different destinations. On top of that, the toggle switches are three way switches that mute their input in the middle position, adding further utility to this handy little module. Step up your performance patches with the Wavefonix Dual Switch.

Dual Switch Features

  • Passive dual switch
  • Bidirectional operation: useful as a 2:1 switch or 1:2 switch
  • Three-position toggle switch mutes in middle position
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 15mm
  • Current draw: Passive
Wavefonix Dual Switch (SW) - Standard Edition Reviews