Warm AudioWA12 MKII Discrete Microphone Preamp (Black)


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Warm Audio WA12 MKII Discrete Microphone Preamp (Black)

In a world of super-clean preamps that do little more than raise the volume of the input signal, Warm Audio delivers an exciting call-back to the days of vintage coloration: the WA12 MKII Black Edition. If you’re looking for a preamp that’s simply going to pass along your signal, look elsewhere, the WA12 MKII was designed to warm, color, and shape your signal with Cinemag transformers and a custom take on the classic Melcor 1731 op-amp.

Being a completely discrete, dual transformer pre-amp means the WA-12 provides high gain, high headroom with low noise, and exceptional sonic performance, making it the ideal preamp for almost any recording project. A special tone button on the front panel switches input impedance from 150 to 600 ohms, changing both the tone of the Hi-Z and microphone inputs, allowing you to dial in the sound that works for you. The folks at Warm Audio really outdid themselves fine tuning the WA-12 MKII to give it a truly larger-than-life sound that you simply have to hear to believe.

WA12 MKII Features

  • Fully discrete design
  • Utilizes 6-pin socket opamp, can be switched for tone/flavor
  • 20dB pad, tone switch, phase switch, phantom power
  • Balanced outputs
  • Output attenuation after cinemag transformer
  • Hi-Z input that actually uses preamp signal path
  • Inputs: 1x XLR & 1x TRS Hi-Z input
  • Outputs: 1x XLR / 1x TRS
  • Dimensions: 10.5” x 8.5” x 1.75”
  • Weight: 1 lb
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