Walrus AudioSlötvå Multi-Texture Reverb Pedal

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Walrus Audio Slötvå

Bring the deep and lush tones of modulated reverb to your pedalboard with Walrus Audio's Slötvå, an updated take on their fantastic Slö. Just plugging in and out of Slötvå will produce a marvelous tail of dense reverberation that may be further sculpted with the decay control for extending or shortening the tail, the filter control for cutting the high end, and a mix control for blending between your original signal and the affected one. Where Slötva gets movement and texture is its three algorithms and three modulation shape options, giving you tons of room to play with the reverb's shape, harmonic content, and how it moves in space.

The three algorithms include a Dark mode in which a sub octave in the reverb is applied and it's prominence is dictated by the X control—this control affects each algorithm individually. In Rise mode, Slötvå produces luscious volume swells with the rate defined by X, while in the Dream mode, the reverb can latch and loop the current tail to be an infinite pad via the sustain footswitch, with additional vibrato provided by the X control. Additionally, any of the three modulation shapes can be applied to any of the algorithms for a range of smooth or asymmetric pitch modulation. With the addition of saving up to three presets for recall at any time, Slötvå from Walrus Audio is a wonderful reverb for adding anything from dreary to mystical spaces to your instrument.

Slötvå Features

  • Multi-texture reverb pedal
  • Three algorithms with a specific control per mode, including Dark (sub-octave), Rise (volume swell), and Dream (latching pad)
  • Three styles of modulation with depth control, including sine, warp, and sink
  • Controls for reverb decay, low pass filter cutoff, and a dry/wet mix
  • Bypass and sustain footswitches with alternative press for saving up to three presets
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative (PSU not included)
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